Prank Call To Friend On His Wedding Night, Very Funny


Every person wants to make his or her 1st wedding night beautiful and memorable with love, affection, and care. Bride and groom spend the whole night together alone, they talk with each other about the starting of their new matrimonial life.

Husband wants to please his wife and shows her that he takes a lot of care for her whereas the wife also shows to his husband that he is the only man who is loveable for the bride. Then their physical relation also starts from the first wedding night and both bride and groom want to make their physical relation in a good and relaxed state of mind.

Prank Call To Friend On His Wedding Night, Very…


But what happened with this groom on his first wedding night when a person who designed and created the wedding bed with flowers called the groom back on next day and told him that he was with him and with his wife the whole night. Must listen to this prank call which will make you laugh for sure.

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